Animation Buddies

The work on this site is almost always part of a team effort. Animators, illustrators, designers, editors, producers, musicians - if it takes a village to raise a kid, then it takes an entire sticky-floored, hipster, Soho dive-bar to make a video.

Here are some of the folk I've worked with on this stuff!

Carl Hadley

My old boss at CITV. Top doodling dude. Best job I ever had, Jefe!

Waldemar Werbel

Like a leather-skinned gunslinger, Wal claims he's hung up his Wacom pen for good to concentrate on drilling fancy designs into stuff. Just one more job, Wal, for old times'...

Jardine Sage

All the stuff your kid watches on telly nowadays? Jards probably made that. Unless it's rubbish, then it was definitely someone else.

Sue Frost

Old-timey ITV legend Frosty taught me just about everything I know about design (but sadly not everything she knew).

Andy Connor

Kick ass AVID editor and all round charming fella. But beats me at chess, so overall he's an awful person.

Corrinne Averiss

The monstrously creative brains behind CITV's Bafta-winning Share a Story competition, and now my kids' favourite award-winning author (well, this week at least).

Amy Weston

Co-founder of ace design shop 23North? Designer par excellence? Beres connoisseur? Oh, fo sho!

Joe Whittaker

The other 23North honcho, top-drawer graphic designer, and the loveliest of dudes. All hail the King of the North!

Lee Mann

Sorry everyone else, Lee's my hippest friend.

Nick Del'Nero

Literal doctor of sound-stuff and all round nice guy. Hi Dr Nick!

Kristian Moore

My man Kris will Pimp Yo' Brand and graphic design the ever-living heck out of your print and online goodies.

Marc Silk

In the eyes of my kids, pretty much the most impressive thing I've done so far in my life is knowing Grandmaster Glitch. They could be right.

Tom Carpenter

When he's not wasting his time saving the actual world, Tom motions some seriously mean graphics. Does things in C4D that'll make your eyes bleed (but in a good way).

Nicholas Walsh

Graphic designer to the North West and all-round good egg, WALSHY!

Neil & Kate Rostance

Two halves of an amazing creative team. Gotta love my Fat Free fam!

Tim Collings

Tim appears to create stop motion animation at about 25 frames per second. He's the world's first real time stop motion animator.

David Heslop

Freelance creative for the Beeb amongst others. I've worked with Hollywood Dave on loads of projects, including making Bruce Lee chop-a-chop in his Who Got Stuck In series.

Dave Beeson

The one and only Beast, 8 litre twin turbo motion graphics powerhouse!

Dave Hickman

Head of CITV back in the day - bears the responsibility for more bum and fart jokes than three 5 year olds combined.

Andrew Li

The most talented CG wizard who's ever semi-accidentally roundhouse kicked me in the goolies.

Jack Hughes

Charming illustrations from a charming illustrator.

Westley Wood

One link was never gonna be enough for Manchester animation mogul and all-round nice guy, Wes (partly because he deserves more than one link, but also because he heads up animation nerd nirvana AnimationToolkit).

Rachel Stacey

Editor and creative at the BBC, Rach will whip you up a dynamite promo whilst making a steady torrent of infantile jokes about bums. What's not to love about that?

Yvette Embleton

Me and my Penshaw pal Yvette made the first ever all-signed trail for Signed Stories while we were at ITV. Flippin' groundbreakers right here, baby.

Ruby Hanif

My production manager home-girl is known for kicking ass and taking names (and maintaining an accurate spreadsheet of asses kicked and names taken).

Chris Randall

Head honcho making magic in miniature at Second Home Studios.

Tom Watt

Musical genius. Binned off the UK for Barcelona years ago, so also the regular variety of genius too.

Antony Barkworth-Knight

My old partner in graphics, a brilliant eye for colour, and he'll art yer flippin' socks right off.

Matthew Hall

Puts the "Yorkshire" into "Top notch Yorkshire graphic designer".