Super Dan

Forget Marvel and DC. The only superhero you'll ever need in a crisis comes from Share a Story winner, Erin Jarvis. Unlike Superman, Batman, Spiderman or any of those other simpering wimps, Super Dan isn't scared of ANYTHING... is he?

Animated superhero Super Dan stands atop a silhouetted skyline.
Damsel in freelance distress with animated hearts popping round her head.

Another Bafta award winner, Super Dan was created in Cinema 4D and After Effects. Not happy with a great story and fantastic character design, pint-sized producer Erin also gave it an absolutely belting voice over!

The lumpy, chunky CG style was intended to reflect the big old boxy-chested superheroes of the past. I loved making this - although with hindsight it could definitely do with some more swooshy swoooosh lines though...

Evil robot clanks his claws against a blood red sky.