Who Got Stuck In?

These animated interstitials for ITV explore historical characters like fabled Viking explorer Leif Erikson and legendary Hong Kong star (and cha-cha champ), Bruce Lee.

What did they do, I hear you demand? They got well and truly stuck in, that's what!

The animated, beardy face of viking adventurer Leif Erikson.
Animated Bruce Lee character looks ready to jeet-kune-do the living heck out of the cameraman.

We used a chopped up found-footage style (you know, because they're HISTORICAL), animated in After Effects and with more fake half-tone than any designer should ever be allowed access to...

The scripts were written by creative freelancer David Heslop and feature the voice talents of the inimitable Tim Dann.

These were a couple of really fun pieces to work on - after all, who wouldn't want to animate Bruce Lee chopping a pork chop, eh?

Freelance viking in a football shirt sticks a red flag into the frozen tundra.